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Krokodil Pictures Reveal a Horror Show

were not over exaggerating in this case. Just look at the pictures. The Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show. It is something even the worst horror movie couldn’t come up with.

What is Dope Sick?

What is Dope Sick? Dope sick is the slang term for being in withdrawal from opiates such as narcotic painkillers (oxycodone, hydrocodone) and heroin and refers to the symptoms you experience after stopping or drastically reducing opiate drugs after heavy and prolonged use (i.e. several weeks or more). Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome aka Dope Sick Basically […]

History of Heroin

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History of Heroin In 1898 a German chemical company launched a medicine they called heroin. A hundred years later and we now we have a feared and dangerous street drug. In 1863, Friedrich Bayer (1825-76) started up a factory to use new chemical procedures for producing colorful dyes from coal-tar. And in 1888, a new […]

The dangers of reusing old cotton

The dangers of reusing old cotton can range from miniscule to downright horrendous. In almost all cases the advice is to avoid reusing old cotton at all costs. What is reusing old cotton? When drug users shoot up or use drugs intravenously they filter a mixture of water and their drug with a piece of […]

Heroin Use in 2012

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  Heroin use in 2012 suggests a rise in heroin use, a decrease in the age of first time users and a new cheaper version of heroin called “black tar” originating in Mexico. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2010, there were 140,000 persons aged 12 or older who had used heroin […]