Thursday, September 21st, 2023

Krokodil Pictures Reveal a Horror Show

were not over exaggerating in this case. Just look at the pictures. The Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show. It is something even the worst horror movie couldn’t come up with.

Drug Related Crimes

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Drug Related Crimes There is a strong relationship between alcohol, drugs and crimes that can lead people to being in and out of jail with a long rap sheet. The relationship is not exclusive and have many contributing factors that help in perpetuating this vicious cycle. Drug use increases the likelihood of crime. People that use drugs are more […]

The Relationship between Alcohol, Drugs and Crime

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  Obviously there is a strong relationship between alcohol, drugs, and crime. There are the crimes linked to the using or possessing of illegal substances like drinking underage or having pot. Then there are the crimes we commit while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Then there are crimes that are linked to getting […]