Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Krokodil Pictures Reveal a Horror Show

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show

Let me warn you the images in this article are extremely disturbing; they are Krokodil pictures. Krokodil is the latest drug to hit the headlines starting in Russia where it all also started. Krokodil is said to be three times more potent than heroin and significantly cheaper. Sounds like a good deal but this deal is way too good to be true for drug addicts and alcoholics. The cost of Krokodil moneywise may cheap but in terms of life, it is not. Krokodil literally rots its users from the outside in. Addicts using Krokodil usually don’t have long to live. You would think that we were just trying to create a drug scare by describing a drug as capable of rotting its users or by calling it “the drug that eats junkies”. But, were not over exaggerating in this case. Just look at the pictures. The Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show. It is something even the worst horror movie couldn’t come up with.

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show

Krokodil – the cheap heroin substitute that rots the flesh of addicts, usually killing them within two years – is believed to have made the switch to the US from Russia after a number of cases were reported in Arizona. Officials in the state fear they may be seeing the beginning of an epidemic after two people in just one week attended hospitals suffering the devastating symptoms of the drug.

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show

 Krokodil – real name desomorphine – is an ultra-cheap heroin substitute that counts crushed codeine pills, gasoline, cooking oil, iodine, paint thinner and lighter fluid among its toxic ingredients.

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show

The drug, which has become extremely popular in Russia in recent years, gets its name from the stench and reptilian texture it gives to an addict’s skin before it eventually eats it away completely, often leaving a user’s bones exposed.

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show

As well as its rancid ingredient list and devastating effects, krokodil is also highly addictive and short-lasting – meaning many addicts exist in a never-ending cycle of drug consumption and drug preparation.

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show 

The Arizona cases came to light after Dr Frank LoVecchio – the co-medical director at Banner Poison Control Center – told the Phoenix-based news service KPHO  that he had dealt with two cases over the last seven days.

Krokodil pictures reveal a horror show

If only the pictures were enough to scare people off of this highly addictive and highly dangerous drug. If you thought meth was something think again. This new drug Krokodil is probably the most devestating drug, in its physical effects, that I have ever seen. It is absolutely horrific to see people dying this way. The krokodil pictures reveal a horror show, yes, but they also reveal real people dying of a terrible drug. Hopefully it isnt true that krokodil has made its way to the United States unfortunately it is already affecting so many in Russia hopefully it doesn’t continue on in any capacity.

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