Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

The dangers of reusing old cotton

Cotton Ball

Cotton Ball

The dangers of reusing old cotton can range from miniscule to downright horrendous. In almost all cases the advice is to avoid reusing old cotton at all costs.

What is reusing old cotton?

When drug users shoot up or use drugs intravenously they filter a mixture of water and their drug with a piece of cotton before pulling it into the syringe. Reusing old cotton means to take a piece of cotton that has already been used as a filter and use it over and over again instead of getting a new piece of cotton.

The dangers of reusing old cotton.

When you reuse old cotton there are many more dangers that come into play while shooting up. For instance if you reuse an old cotton that has been sitting around for a while it can start to harbor bacteria. Not only that but one of the dangers of reusing old cotton is that it is not as effective at being a filter anymore. The dangers of reusing old cotton when you shoot up can either result in nothing or it can result in the worst-case scenario of death. Even if nothing happens while reusing an old cotton and the chances of you dying are low, there are still some other horrendous side effects that can occur when you don’t use fresh filters to shoot up.

For instance, reusing old cotton could result in you experiencing something called cotton fever. While you may not die from cotton fever you will definitely feel like you are going to. Cotton fever is pretty much the result of your body getting bacteria or a piece of old cotton in its bloodstream, it is trying to get rid of it every way it knows how. With fever, vomiting, shakes, chills, perspiration and muscle spasms.

Another one of the dangers of reusing old cotton is the lack of cleanliness. Reusing old cotton could lead to abscesses. Abscesses are large pus filled sores underneath the skin that feel hot to the touch. These usually have to be cut open and drained by a doctor and can get as large as softballs.

There are more dangers of reusing old cottons. Because the cotton is not as effective of a filter it can lead to shooting up a less than a clean shot. For instance, you can get particles of the drug in the syringe and cotton. Sometimes this doesn’t lead to cotton fever but can lead to immediate heart damage, liver damage, and brain damage. There is even a chance that you can get infections in the arteries of your heart.

The dangers of reusing old cotton are not worth it. If you don’t have cotton do your best to go find a fresh filter. If none of the dangers of reusing old cotton have happened to you and you continue to reuse old cotton, they will. While you may not die or get heart damage the chances of cotton fever and abscesses become much higher and cotton fever and abscesses are no joke.

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