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Can non-alcoholic beer get me drunk?

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Can non alcoholic beer get me drunk?

Can non alcoholic beer get me drunk?


Non-alcoholic beer is a low alcohol beer with alcohol content of less than .5% of its volume. It is important to note that non-alcoholic beer contains alcohol, and that none of the beers currently on the market are completely alcohol free. An example of a non-alcoholic beer is the popular brand O’douls. While many people find non-alcoholic beer to be a great alternative to regular beer the truth is you can still get drunk off it and it still contains alcohol in it even though it is very a low amount. Another name for non-alcoholic beer is “neer beer”, meaning it is near to beer just without the higher alcohol concentration.

Because of the Prohibition era we now have the existence of non-alcoholic beers. The Temperance Society pushed regulations that ultimately reduced the legal alcohol limit of beer to 0.5% or less. Even after the 21st amendment reinstated regular brewing practices thirteen years later, non-alcoholic beer stuck around although people say it has never tasted as good as the real thing. It’s hard to make a good tasting non-alcoholic beer, as anyone who’s tasted one recently can probably attest. These beers start off their lives as regular, fully-alcoholic brews. After fermentation and before bottling, the beer is cooked at a low temperature, sometimes under vacuum. Since alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, it evaporates quickly and leaves behind the newly non-alcoholic beer. This does not leave the non-alcoholic beer completely alcohol free though; it does leave a small percentage of alcohol in the beverage which allows non-alcoholic beer to get you drunk.

Although so called non-alcoholic beers are actually alcoholic despite of their names, non-alcoholic beer contains alcohol up to 0.5% because of the production methods, and not because of the brewer’s want or desire to put alcohol in it.  A person drinking enough of this non-alcoholic beer could actually get drunk although, it would take copious amounts of non-alcoholic beer to get drunk.  For example if the non-alcoholic beer you’re drinking has 0.1% alcohol, you can, theoretically drink 5 times more than if you would be drinking beer with 0.5% alcohol, and reach the legal alcohol limit.

This poses a hidden threat to those trying to abstinent from alcohol because most people assume that non-alcoholic beer cannot get them drunk or that it does not have any alcohol content.  Both alcohol and the anticipation of drinking alcohol may raise levels of a brain chemical called dopamine, which plays a role in feelings of elation and pleasure, according to the investigators. Non-alcoholic beer can get you drunk but it also can cause relapses in someone with alcoholism because of these multiple reasons. Even though non-alcoholic beer can get you drunk it takes so much of it that most people drinking it do not use it to get drunk. Non-alcoholic beer because of its low alcohol content has many health benefits when it is drunk in moderation as is with any alcoholic substance.



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