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What Are Alcoholic Blackouts?

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"What causes blackouts"Have you ever wondered, “What are alcoholic blackouts?”.

Have you ever had a hangover that went too far? Maybe so far to the point that the only thing you do remember about your night of drinking is the hangover in the morning? You wake up holding your head with a pounding headache wondering how you got home, saying to yourself “What happened last night?”

This is what is better known as a blackout. Blackouts can be extremely frightening and may be one of the first indicators of a bigger problem with your alcohol consumption. Blackouts happen when you consume too much alcohol, to the point where the part of your brain where memory is stored becomes affected and unable to function. Essentially what is happening to cause a blackout from drinking too much is the alcohol has seeped so deeply into the brain tissue that the part of your brain that is memory and processes information, is soaked in alcohol and is now ineffective. If blackouts are happening to you frequently this may be a sign that you are seriously damaging your brain but more notably, blackouts may also be a sign of alcoholism.

Most people who experience a blackout once are so frightened by the experience that they go for a long period of time without drinking again or they very severely limit their drinking. Blackouts do not usually happen to a normal drinker but instead are found to be common in the alcoholic type of drinker.

Blackouts are extremely dangerous not just in the affects that they have on your health. Blackouts are also dangerous because you are incapacitated to the point where other people can take advantage of you. At this point of intoxication you are extremely vulnerable to anyone looking to hurt a person. This is a dangerous place to be, without total control and memory. This is why blackouts are also not common in the normal, temperate drinker but mainly in the alcoholic. To drink the amount it takes to fall into a blackout is done by someone who is drinking merely to get drunk, very drunk. This is another sign of alcoholism. Alcoholics drink merely for the effects produced by alcohol. While alcoholics may not be drinking to blackout they are drinking to get the effect of being drunk and being drunk begins with a slight impairment.

Blackouts from drinking are the type of experience that should make you check yourself and your habits with alcohol. If you are experiencing frequent blackouts from drinking you may want to try and stop drinking for a while. If you find you cant even stop drinking than you may want to look into finding help for your alcohol problem, because it is a problem now.

We have all seen movies and television series that put blackouts in a very comedic setting. Movies such as “The Hangover” and shows such as “The Jersey Shore” portray blackouts from drinking very lightly. In reality blackouts should be taken very seriously and are a serious sign of a bigger problem. Blackouts are one step away from alcohol poisoning and are not a joke. Don’t wake up wondering what happened only to find out it wasn’t good.

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