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Long-term effects of alcohol abuse

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The long-term effects of alcohol abuse are extremely dangerous and life threatening. Drinking in moderation rarely results in long-term effects of alcohol abuse. Alcohol is a depressant drug. These drugs slow down the activity of the central nervous system. The effects of alcohol depend on the amount that is drunk, how familiar the person is with alcohol, the mood the person is in, how much has been eaten, the size and weight of the person, the overall health of the person, and if other drugs have been consumed.

The long-term effects of alcohol abuse may have the following results:

  • physical problems such as liver damage, heart and blood disorders, brain damage, stomach inflammation, damage to reproductive organs…
  • emotional problems such as depression or relationship and family problems…
  • social problems such as poor work performance, financial troubles, and legal problems…
  • heavy drinking causes hangovers with symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, irritability, shakiness, and nausea…
  • alcohol during pregnancy can harm the baby – it has been linked with increased risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, stillbirth, premature birth…
  • increased risk of common cancers such as breast, colon and rectum cancers, and some of the rarer cancers such as oral, esophagus, larynx, and stomach cancers, binge drinking can dramatically increase blood pressure and the risk of having a stroke.

Perhaps, the most alarming long-term effect of alcohol abuse is the effect it can have on the heart.  It is known that heavy drinking can weaken the heart muscles, increase the size of the heart, increase blood clot risks, and result in abnormal heartbeat.  Excessive and long term drinking also increases an individual’s chances of suffering from a stroke.  Why these long-term effects of alcohol abuse are the most alarming is because they can result in the early onset of death if not properly diagnosed or treated.  Still, even with treatment, both short and long term health complications may arise.

In addition to health complications that can lead to an early onset of death, it is also important to examine those that have more of a lifestyle change.  Heavy and excessive drinking can impact an individual’s fertility.  This impacts both men and women.  This long-term effect of alcohol abuse is disheartening for those with high hopes of having children.  With that said, it is also important to touch on the dangers of an alcoholic becoming pregnant.  If alcohol use continues, fetal alcohol syndrome is a risk that will impact both parents and child for a lifetime.

This is why it is best if you think you have a problem with alcohol to stop as soon as possible even if it means looking for treatment or detox. The long term effects of alcohol abuse are merely just outlined here and range far and beyond just what is mentioned on this page. It is best if a person merely drinks in moderation or even not at all. If you think you are suffering from long-term effects of alcohol abuse or may be suffering from alcoholism then please don’t hesitate to find the help you need.

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