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Can you eat meth?

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Can You Eat Meth?

Can You Eat Meth?

Methamphetamine, also known as Chalk, Crank, Croak, Crypto, Crystal, Fire, Glass, Meth, Tweek, or White Cross, is a central nervous system stimulant. It increases energy, awareness, and alertness. In high doses, it causes a feeling of euphoria. Meth can be prescribed by a doctor, but this is rare, as its medical uses are limited. Most “street meth” is chemically concocted in small, illegal laboratories.

Meth is a crystalline, white, odorless powder. It dissolves easily in water. Methamphetamine can be eaten, snorted, smoked or injected. Most illicit users eat meth by putting it in a capsule or by “parachuting” it. Parachuting is a way to eat meth by putting it in rolling papers or toilet paper and then swallowing it. When people eat meth, they usually use a higher dose than if it is snorted, smoked, or injected, but they also experience more of a “body high” when they eat meth than with other routes of administration.  Users also find that when they eat meth, the high lasts longer.

When you eat meth (or snort/smoke/inject meth), it acts on dopamine receptors in the brain. It stimulates the receptor to release a rush of dopamine which stimulates brain cells, increasing mood and energy. Dopamine is closely related to the reward centers in the brain, which is why meth use has such a high incidence of dependence and addiction.  Meth has also been shown to have a neurotoxic effect on dopamine neurons over time, inducing Parkinson’s-like symptoms in long term users.

Clandestine meth labs produce much of the illegal methamphetamine available on the street for sale. These labs can operate in homes, trailers, barns, etc. Meth can be synthesized fairly easily from a variety of chemicals available for over-the-counter sale. The manufacture of methamphetamine can be dangerous, however, because it involves the use of flammable or corrosive chemicals. Meth production also leaves behind a residue of toxic waste, which is hazardous to people living in or near a lab. Six pounds of toxic residue is generated for every pound of meth produced.

When you eat meth, it can cause serious long-term health problems.  These problems are the same if you eat meth or use another route of administration. Chronic use can cause paranoia, hallucinations, repetitive behavior, and delusions of parasites or insects crawling under the skin. Meth users, including those who eat meth, often scratch at their skin obsessively. Meth users, especially those who eat meth, often notice a quick degeneration of their teeth. This condition is known as “meth mouth.” Experts believe that this condition is caused by a combination of “dry mouth” caused by the drug, poor oral hygiene, and grinding of teeth often observed in meth addicts. Meth users often experience a decrease in sleep and appetite. The subsequent weight loss, lack of sleep, picking at skin, and “meth mouth” causes the rapid deterioration in physical appearance that is often observed in meth addicts.

Meth addiction is one of the most difficult forms of addictions to treat. Some users claim that if you eat meth, you are less likely to become addicted, but there is no evidence that addiction is any less likely when you eat meth rather than smoking, snorting or injecting it. Most chronic users experience heavy withdrawal symptoms when meth use is abruptly stopped. Several drugs are used to treat withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but their success rate is low. Because of the neurotoxicity caused by meth on dopamine neurons, post-acute withdrawal (withdrawal lasting for weeks or months) is common.

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