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Are there any positive effects of taking Molly?

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Are there any positive effects of taking Molly?

Are there any positive effects of taking Molly?

Are there any positive effects of taking Molly? Molly’s history in medicine

Molly is the street name for the drug MDMA. Molly was first synthesized in 1912, because manufacturers hoped it would help control bleeding. After that, its use was explored by the military for use as a stimulant, but there’s no evidence that it even made it as far as human testing. In 1965, a chemist studying psychoactives at Dow Chemicals started manufacturing MDMA and eventually recommends it to a friend who is a psychiatrist. Use of molly as a therapy tool begins to spread and it works so well in helping patients overcome emotional barriers that one therapist called it “penicillin for the soul.”

Are there any positive effects of taking Molly? The Ban

Molly had been shown to be beneficial, but the increase of recreational use of molly caused the DEA to become alarmed. Although many doctors and scientists testified to the positive effects of taking molly, the DEA classified Molly as a Schedule 1 narcotic-a medication without any medical use.  Molly was now classified in the same schedule as heroin and LSD.

Are there any positive effects of taking Molly? The Hysteria

In 2001, in response to growing Molly use, officials increased the regulations on molly; making the distribution of MDMA ten times more severely punished, dose for dose, than heroin. This move was opposed by scientists as irrational.

Are there any positive effects of taking Molly? The Infamous Study

There have long been people who think there could be positive effects of taking Molly. However, only recently have scientists been given permission to explore the use of Molly for medical use. This is because, for a long time, people believed that Molly was a lot more hazardous than it actually is. In September 2002, an article by scientist George Ricaurte was published in Science magazine. The article outlined the severe neurotoxic effect of Molly on dopaminergic neurons, producing what looked like “holes” in the brain and causing Parkinson’s-like symptoms in users. The report spread like wildfire, being cited in a number of media publications.

However, the article was later retracted, with scientists admitting that the monkeys were given methamphetamines, not Molly, and the journal was criticized for publishing an article that was clearly meant to be used as a political scare tactic. Unfortunately, the retraction did not garner as much publicity as the original article, so many in the general public still believe that MDMA will “eat holes in your brain.”

Are there any positive effects of taking Molly? Medical Uses

After the false article was retracted, Molly was approved for human research. There is evidence that Molly will be useful in treating post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, and even Parkinson’s-the disease that it was once thought to cause. Studies are still in the early stages, so as of now there is no proof of the positive effects of taking Molly, but early results are promising. In the next decade, there may be a rescheduling of Molly so that it can be used in medical settings.

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