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Anti-addiction medication

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naltrexone anti addiction medication

Anti-addiction medication

There are multiple forms of treatment for addiction and alcoholism. One of the methods being used more frequently is anti-addiction medication. Anti-addiction medication can vary greatly in definition and its actual effectiveness. Some anti-addiction medication is used as a substitute for other substances, some is supposed to actually help with addiction, and some are supposed to help with the cravings due to addiction.

Substitute anti-addiction medication

Anti-addiction medications which are used as substitutes for other substances still perpetuate addiction. These are anti-addiction medications such as methadone or Suboxone/Subutex. The goals of these “maintenance drugs” are to provide a measure of control to someone’s addiction to other illicit substances such as heroin. Anti-addiction medication that is a substitute will not get rid of the addiction but help to stabilize those people who would not be able to function using drugs such as heroin etc.

There are also other substitute anti-addiction meds for addiction stimulants and alcohol. The anti-addiction medication for stimulants which has had limited success is dextroamphetamine and the anti-addiction medication for alcohol addiction is clomethiazole. Bromocriptine and desipramine can be effective for treatment of cocaine but not amphetamine addiction.

Anti-addiction medication that reduces cravings

Some other anti-addiction medication is not used as a substitute for other drugs but is merely a way to help with cravings for drugs once the addict or alcoholic gets sober. For instance, anti-addiction medication for alcohol addiction includes drugs like naltrexone and topiramate. These anti-addiction medications can be really effective if treatment is continued. The only problem with anti-addiction medication that reduces cravings is that many alcoholics and addict will forget to take it and be left with intense cocaine, opioid, and alcohol cravings. Anti-addiction medication that reduces cravings also has some nasty side-effects. Additional anti-addiction medications that reduce cravings by working on the brain’s neurotransmitters are glutamate, lamotrigine, gabapentin, and memantine.

Anti-addiction medication antagonists

Last but not least there are anti-addiction medications that are known as antagonists. Anti-addiction medications that are antagonists are the kind of med that makes someone sick when they take a certain drug. For instance, naltrexone and nalmefene will make you sick if you take opioids and are known as opioid antagonists. These kinds of anti-addiction medications won’t just make you sick though they will also throw you into withdrawal if you take them while also high on the antagonizing substance.

Anti-addiction medication for stimulant addiction is a bit more complicated than using anti-addiction medication for opioid addiction or alcohol addiction. More often than not the stimulant addiction substitute drugs are nocaine, vanoxerine, and modafinil. Another strategy is to use drugs like benzodiazepines to counteract it or to use the antagonist flumazenil with hydroxyzine and gabapentin for the treatment of stimulant addiction in the same way naltrexone is used for opioids.

AS of right now there is no true anti-addiction medication that completely eliminates addiction. Right now doctors can merely prescribe anti-addiction medication to treat different parts of the addiction rather than the whole thing. Once science finds an anti-addiction medication, if they ever do, it is sure that it will be the first, newest, and best treatment offered to those suffering from the diseases of addiction and alcoholism.


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