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Rimbonant Use

Rimbonant Use
Rimbonant Use

Rimonabant that is also known as a long number, SR141716. Rimonabant is an anti-obesity drug that is no longer on the market. Rimonabant is also an inverse agonist for the cannabinoid receptor in your brain CB1. Rimonabant’s main use is for its reduction in appetite. Rimonabant is taken orally and its bioavailability was undetermined.

A history of Rimonabant use.

Rimonabant use became available in 2006 only in the UK. Shortly after, in 2008, Rimonabant was available in 56 countries. Not too long after the release of the drug throughout the world, Rimonabant use was said by the European Medicines Agency that its risks outweighed its benefits. The EMEA then recommended that Rimonabant use be suspended within the UK market. Approval of Rimonabant use was officially and totally withdrawn by the EMEA in January 2009.

Rimonabant use and its many benefits.

Rimonabant use can help with addiction, quitting smoking, obesity, short-term memory loss due to smoking THC, and sperm mobility.

  • Rimonabant was the first cannabinoid receptor blocker that was approved for use anywhere in the entire world. Rimonabant use was shown that if used with diet and exercise anyone with a body mass index greater than 30kg could lose weight.
  • Rimonabant use is also really effective in helping some people to quit smoking. Rimonabant use is designed to help with smoking in two different ways: firstly, to help in the actually cessation of smoking and secondly to help prevent the weight gain that is associated with quitting smoking.
  • Rimonabant use has also been shown to reduce resuming cocaine use after a cocaine addict has gotten sober. It reduces the responses triggered by cues that remind cocaine users of the high. Rimonabant use may also help in alcohol and opiate seeking behavior for addicts.
  • Rimonabant use may improve the short term memory after using THC or marijuana. THC is known to impair short-term memory. In studies with animals Rimonabant use was shown to improve the performance of rats to encode information in the short-term memory.
  • Rimonabant use also blocks some of the psychoactive and cardiovascular effects of THC in humans without affecting an of the medical or health effects.
  • Rimonabant use can also greatly increase human sperm mobility and viability in vitro.

Rimonabant use and its side effects

With all the benefits of Rimonabant use it may be hard to understand why they didn’t not approve of the drug. Yet shortly after Rimonabant use was introduced to the market some side effects, serious ones, began showing up. The side effects of Rimonabant use are severe depression and suicidal thoughts. This was thought to be because of the effect in the central nervous system that Rimonabant use had. This was the main reason that the Rimonabant was not approved and quickly taken off the market for any type of use.