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Hash Use

Hash Use

Hash Use

Hash is made from the cannabis plant. Hash is short for hashish and is a thick, sticky, darkly colored sap. Because hash is made from the cannabis plant it contains the same chemicals as those in marijuana. The chemicals found in marijuana and hash are THC and when a person eats or smokes it they feel euphoria. The name hashish comes from an Arabic word that means dry weed.

The two main drugs made from the cannabis plant are marijuana and hash. Hash is much more potent than marijuana, meaning that it gives people much stronger euphoric effects than marijuana. Hash is illegal in the United States just as marijuana is.

The most common method of hash use is to smoke it. When someone wants to use hash they usually smoke it by putting a small piece of into a joint or marijuana. Another way that people use hash is by putting a small piece of hash in a pipe. Some people also choose to use hash by eating it. When hash is eaten it is usually mixed into food.

Hash use is much stronger than marijuana use. When people use hash they feel different kinds of sensations. Some the symptoms of hash use are:

  • Relaxed
  • Feeling silly
  • Not able to think clearly
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness

Hash use has many different slang names this is because the names vary from country to country although the most common name is Hash, short for hashish. A pipe that is used to smoke hash is called a bowl. A water pipe for smoking hash is called a bong. Getting high on hash use is also known as getting faded, blown, blazing, getting stoned, getting ripped, toking bowls and spliffing. These are also used for getting high off of marijuana.

Since hash use is so much stronger than marijuana use, when large amounts of hash are used people may also see colors or patterns. Hash use may also cause people to see strange visions and have thoughts which are not actually there. These visions due to hash use are known as hallucinogens. Hash use may also cause those who take large amounts of it to start feeling scared, strange, or paranoid-like something bad is going to happen.

Hash use is much less dangerous than many other illegal substances that are commonly used. It is impossible to overdose from hash use. Be warned though one of the dangers of hash use is that a person is often less capable than when they are sober. Hash use can increase the chance of accidents slightly and it also changes the way a person receives and processes emergency situations. It is recommended that no person operates a motor vehicle while using hash.

Hash use is also bad for the lungs. Smoke hurts the lungs and the smoke from hash use has tar in it and contains chemicals that can cause cancer in the lungs or mouth. A person who eats hash won’t hurt their lungs or throat but they may eat too much and be unable to avoid unpleasant side effects.

Whether or not hash use is addictive doesn’t depend on the drug but on the person using it. Many people are capable of becoming addicted to the feeling of hash use even though hash use is not physically addictive. Most people are able to use hash recreationally but this doesn’t mean it is not addictive. Hash use can be very psychologically addictive.