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What is Amyl Nitrite?

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What is Amyl Nitrite?

What is Amyl Nitrite?

Amyl Nitrate is part of a class of drugs known as inhalants. Also known as “poppers” amyl nitrate is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. It acts as a vasodilator, expanding blood vessels which decrease blood pressure. Because of this effect, it is often used in medicine to treat heart diseases like angina. It also causes a feeling of euphoria, and it is this action that makes it attractive to recreational uses.

What is Amyl Nitrite? Effects

Amyl Nitrate gives a short, intense high, usually only lasting a few seconds. Abusers usually repeat as soon as they “come down.” Amyl nitrate is a potent vasodilator. The effects include loss of coordination, euphoria, slurred speech, head rush, flushing of the face and dizziness. Users often feel uninhibited after several inhalations and can have a lingering headache. Nausea and vomiting are also possible side effects. Amyl nitrate also relaxes the involuntary muscles especially the anal and vaginal sphincters, which is why it can be used to enhance sexual pleasure. It also can increase the strength and duration of the male erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. It has been widely reported that amyl nitrate can increase and enhance orgasm for both sexes.

What is Amyl Nitrite? How it’s used

Amyl nitrate is used by inhaling the vapors of the liquid through the nose. Usually the liquid comes in small glass ampoules that are crushed to release the vapors. This is how the drug got the name “poppers,” from the popping sound that the ampoule makes when it is crushed.

What is Amyl Nitrite? Addiction potential

Amyl Nitrate has little to no potential for physical addiction. Because of the euphoric effects, there is some risk of psychological dependency to amyl nitrate. There is also no evidence that amyl nitrate has any neurotoxic effects.

What is Amyl Nitrite? Other risks

One of the biggest risks of amyl nitrate is the sharp decrease in blood pressure. This can be dangerous when amyl nitrate is combined with other drugs that add to this effect. For example, taking Viagra with Amyl Nitrate can lead to fainting, stroke, or even a heart attack.

Another danger is when amyl nitrate is taken improperly. The vapors of the liquid are meant to be inhaled, not the liquid itself. If the liquid is inhaled, it can cause liquid pneumonia. Also, if the liquid is swallowed, it can cause serious medical complications which can result in death.

What is Amyl Nitrite? Combinations with other drugs

Amyl nitrate is typically abused in combination with other drugs. When it is used in combination with drugs like cocaine and ecstasy, amyl nitrate can enhance and prolong the euphoric feeling. Also, amyl nitrate is commonly used after use of stimulants. The “come down” phase when a stimulant wears off can often be unpleasant for users. Amyl nitrate is often used to combat these negative after-effects. It is this effect, and the sexual effects, that led amyl nitrate to become a popular recreational drug.

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