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Treatment for meth addiction

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Treatment for Meth Addiction

Treatment for meth addiction

What is meth?

Methamphetamine, also known as Chalk, Crank, Croak, Crypto, Crystal, Fire, Glass, Meth, Tweek, Shards, or White Cross, is a central nervous system stimulant. It increases energy, awareness, and alertness. In high doses, it causes a feeling of euphoria. Meth can be prescribed by a doctor, but this is rare, as its medical uses are limited. Most “street meth” is chemically concocted in small, illegal laboratories.

Through treatment for meth addiction anyone can get free of the grips of crystal methamphetamine. Treatment for meth addiction is tailored to the unique needs of those who want to recover from methamphetamine. This does not mean treatment for meth addiction is a short and easy road. It can be difficult, but it also can be done.

Going to treatment for any addiction is hard but chronic meth use affects the brain in ways that makes addiction and recovery twice as hard for those wanting to stay sober. Some of the challenges during treatment for meth addiction may seem overwhelming but they can be overcome.  For instance, during treatment for meth addiction, meth users face problems with thinking and depressed mood during their initial detox. Memory, concentration, and decision making skills are all moving very slow. This can make treatment for meth addiction a bit harder and it may take a bit longer for anything learned in treatment for meth addiction to sink in.

Treatment for meth addiction takes a bit longer than usual treatment. Some of the damage done by meth use is irreversible and what is irreversible may take some time to heal. Some meth users will start to improve within a year or two but this can be difficult for those who want to feel better sooner rather than later. Not to mention the cravings with meth those come along with all of it. This is why treatment for meth addiction is more long-term and is really a great safe place for meth addicts to get a good head start on their recovery.

At about 45 days of sobriety in treatment for meth addiction many recovering meth addicts hit a wall and begin experiencing severe depressive symptoms again and they find it difficult to feel any pleasure. This can make it really hard to comply with anything in treatment for meth addiction and can cause some meth addicts to relapse.

  • This is why treatment for meth addiction follows very strict and unique guidelines to help the person truly suffering from a meth addiction. For instance treatment for meth addiction offers a highly structured and intense program that responds to all needs of every client.
  • Treatment for meth addiction begins with detox and moves onto a more long term residential treatment that continues on with outpatient and aftercare.
  • Treatment for meth addiction lasts at least 3 months or in the best case scenario at least a year
  • Treatment for meth addiction uses therapies such as, cognitive behavioral therapy as one of the primary treatment techniques.
  • Treatment for meth addiction includes relapse prevention classes that teach addicts how to avoid temptation and to manage any cravings that can and will occur
  • Treatment for meth addiction also teaches life-skills
  • Treatment for meth addiction also helps recovering meth addicts get back on their feet, by helping with job searches, educational classes and job opportunities
  • Treatment for meth addiction also provides doctor’s that can help with any health problems such as nutritional deficiencies, dental problems, and mental health problems along with the meth addiction.

Residential treatment that heavily uses cognitive behavioral therapy works best for those with heavy meth addiction. This is why most treatment for meth addiction will provide at least 90 days of residential treatment and intense work with a therapist along with setting up the individual with a 12 step program and aftercare when everything is completed.

A meth vaccine is also in development.


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