Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Top six reasons teens abuse prescription drugs

Top six reasons teens abuse prescription drugs

There are multiple reasons teens abuse prescription drugs but nearly all of them have to do with the fact that they don’t have to go to a shady street corner to get them and that they are cheap. Here are the top six reasons teen’s abuse prescription drugs:

1.    Easy to get from parent’s medicine cabinet. Most parents don’t realize it but they have a slew of medications their teens can abuse already in their house. Unfortunately teens don’t just abuse prescription drugs they can also abuse cough syrups etc. But most households today have at least one prescription narcotic in them and that one prescription drug makes it easy for a teen to abuse. It is much easier to snag a bottle of pills out of your own parent’s medicine cabinet than it is to drive somewhere and meet with a dealer in some shady area.

2.    Available at friend’s homes. Prescription drugs aren’t just in their parent’s medicine cabinets either. They are also available at their friend’s home. Just like in their own house, teens know there is a high probability there will be prescription drugs to abuse at their friends.

3.    Easy to get while visiting grandparent’s house. Same goes with their grandparent’s house. Grandma and grandpa usually have a ton of prescription medications for their different health issues. It is very common for older men and women to have strong narcotic prescription drugs and teens can find them easily when they go to their grandparent’s house for a visit.

4.    Can claim to have prescription if caught. Not only do teens not have to worry about risking a deal with a shady drug dealer they also have a story for if they get caught with prescription pills. Because they are legal medications with prescriptions of course a teen can easily say they have a prescription for the medication and they are in the clear. So there is not as much risk involved or worries about getting caught for teens abusing prescription drugs.

5.    Cheap – available everywhere – even at school. Prescription drugs are also extremely cheap in comparison to other illicit drugs. Especially if they know someone who has a prescription to something or it is in a house they are familiar with and they are stealing it. Prescription drugs can be bought at school for as little as 4 dollars a pill depending on what it is.

6.    Easy to purchase online. Not only are prescription drugs cheap but they are also sold online. This is highly dangerous but teens who are abusing prescription drugs don’t know. They can order large amounts of whatever prescription drug it is they want, from the comfort of their own home. No stress, no hassle. They can just have their drugs shipped right to them and have the pills come in their name. Prescription drugs ordered online though usually are not reliable and can be very unsafe but this doesn’t factor in for teens abusing prescription drugs.

There are plenty of reasons teens abuse prescription drugs but these are the top six. The top six reasons teens abuse prescription drugs seems fairly obvious now, doesn’t it? It’s easy, safe, and cheap. But is it really?

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