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Top 3 Drugs Abused in College

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Top 3 Drugs Abused in College

Top 3 Drugs Abused in College

The top 3 drugs abused in college are fairly obvious because they are also very common drugs abused by everyone who uses drugs. The top 3 drugs abused in college are alcohol, marijuana, and prescription narcotics.

Drugs abused in college: Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are common drugs abused in college because so many college students today are trying to self-medicate. The most used prescription drugs are stimulants, sedatives and pain relievers. About one in four college students have illegally used prescription drugs and more than that have been offered prescription drugs. Some college student’s abuse prescription drugs to feel good but most of them turn to prescription drugs to manage their daily life. With the anxiety and stress of college life they use prescription drugs to boost their mood, stay up all night writing a paper and to increase their stamina on the field. Even the most successful college students can feel the pressure to fit in socially and to excel academically. College students more specifically use prescription drugs to improve their grades, concentrate more in class and maintain focus during study session and all-nighters, diet, reduce stress, to get high, ease nervousness, enhance athletic performance, and forget about problems.

Drugs abused in college: Marijuana

Needless to say most college students have already tried marijuana by the time they graduate from high school making pot one of the top 3 drugs abused in college. Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused illicit drugs in the United States. Almost half of all the college students in the United States, 49.5% reported using marijuana at least once in their lifetimes. Around 35% of college students had used pot at least once during the past school year and 19.7% were currently using marijuana. Marijuana is almost so common that it is abnormal to find someone in college who hasn’t tried it. College students abuse marijuana when they are out partying on the weekend in order to get some kind of stress relief. They may also smoke it after a long day of classes and then use one of the prescription drugs mentioned above to stimulate themselves to study.

Drugs abused in college: Alcohol

Drinking in college has become almost ritual, a part of the experience and totally normal. It has become an integral part of the “college experience”. Many college students enter college with drinking habits already established. About 4 out of 5 college students drink alcohol and about half of college students who drink also binge drink. Each year alcohol kills around 1,800 students and more than half a million college students between the ages of 18-24 are assaulted by another student binge drinking. Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug in college probably because it is considered normal and “ok”. The negative effect alcohol has on college students though is overwhelming. Alcohol abuse in college goes hand in hand with injuries, sexual abuse, academic problems, health problems, suicides, drunk driving, assaults and deaths.


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