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The Faces of Meth

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Faces of Meth

Today The Faces of Meth are well known nationwide and the Ads can be seen absolutely everywhere. In fact The Faces of Meth ads are probably some of the most well-known anti-drug ads on the planet. In fact The Faces of Meth Project probably had a little bit to do with why I never went searching for the stuff when I was in my active addiction. While I can’t say what would have happened if I had actually come across meth, seeing as how I am an addict, but I never went out of my way to try it or get it because I didn’t want my face to look like what I had seen on the Faces of Meth ads.

How did The Faces of Meth Project Start?

The Faces of Meth project was created in the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon. The Faces of Meth project began when a deputy in the Corrections Division Classification Unit, Deputy Bret King, put together mug shots of people booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. What he wanted to do was create a realistic presentation about methamphetamine. He didn’t want to create something that made people curious about meth nor did he want to create a scared straight mentality. The idea of Faces of Meth was and is simple, be honest with kids, let them hear directly from inmates and show them what meth can do to people and the community.

The Faces of Meth Images and Videos

The Faces of Meth project uses before and after mug shots of arrestees to demonstrate the harmful effects of using meth. The pictures often show a somewhat healthy person in the beginning and then depict signs of someone who is prematurely aging, has facial scarring from picking scabs, and has advanced tooth decay (meth mouth).

The Faces of Meth Skin: When someone is on meth acne appears or worsens. Obsessive skin-picking can cause meth users’ faces to be covered in small sores and scars. This also can be the result of a common sensory hallucination of bugs crawling beneath the skin.

The Faces of Meth Facial Muscle and Fat: Meth, just like any other stimulant, suppresses the appetite and can lead to undernourishment due to long periods without eating anything. Over time the body begins to consume muscle tissue and facial fat, which gives meth users the gaunt and hollowed out appearance.

The Faces of Meth Teeth and Gums: “Meth mouth” is caused by several different things. Tooth enamel becomes dissolved due to the harsh chemicals of the drug, blood vessels contained in healthy gums and teeth shrink; this increases the rate of decay; the production of saliva diminishes and this allows harmful acids to damage the mouth; cravings for sugary food increases with meth use and oral hygiene is normally neglected while high; and heavy tooth grinding (bruxism) is a side effect of meth use. All of this leads to meth mouth.

The Faces of Meth Increasing Estimated Age: The combination of skin problems, lack of facial fat and the loss of muscle mass, neglecting hygiene and increased oral decay lead to the appearance of exaggerated aging sometimes in really shocking ways.

While The Faces of Meth don’t necessarily stop anyone from using meth they definitely are harrowing and scary looking. Even for someone who is an addict, seeing something like that can make you stop and think twice about what you are doing to yourself even if you only stop for a few minutes to contemplate. The Faces of Meth are truly harrowing. The horrors of addiction are seen quite clearly in The Faces of Meth show users that are on methamphetamine– but we should all recognize that is a representation of addiction in its totality.


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