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The Dangers of Mixing Molly and Alcohol

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Molly and Alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Molly and Alcohol

Molly is the term used for pure ecstasy or MDMA. Molly is an illicit drug that creates a sense of euphoria, intimacy, and calmness in individuals who take it. Some people will unknowingly or willingly combine molly with alcohol. Mixing molly and alcohol can be very dangerous. Mixing any drug with other drugs is never a good idea but mixing molly and alcohol can be a particularly bad idea.

So what are the dangers of mixing molly and alcohol?

  • Mixing molly and alcohol intensifies alcohol’s effects. Heavy alcohol drinking dehydrates the body and can lead to a hangover the next day. Anyone who has drunk too much has had their experiences with a hangover. Mixing molly with alcohol will intensify the effects of alcohol, creating further dehydration in the body and leading to an even more intense hangover. An individual who is high on molly could also end up drinking more alcohol than they normally would which is very risky because drinking too much can lead to alcohol poisoning as well as ferocious and terrible hangover.
  • Mixing molly and alcohol also intensifies molly’s effects. Alcohol is a catalyst for the effects of molly. Molly mixed with alcohol can lead to confusion, depression and insomnia. Molly’s effects can be dangerous on their own but mixing molly and alcohol intensifies these dangers. Molly can cause increased heart rate, muscle tension, chills, blurred vision and in rare cases it can cause hypothermia, which can cause failure of the liver, kidneys or cardiovascular system. As a result this can lead to death. Alcohol is involved in most molly-related deaths.
  • Another danger of mixing molly and alcohol is dangerous levels of intoxication. Alcohol increases the level of intoxication while making the person who is on molly unaware of any changes. Mixing molly and alcohol can cause an individual to engage in bizarre behavior and completely forget it the next day. Because molly is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant, they end up counteracting each other and this can cause the user to take larger amounts of both molly and alcohol. This could potentially lead to death from overdose.
  • Mixing molly and alcohol can lead to drug addiction. Combining alcohol with any other drug can lead to a greater likelihood of becoming addicted especially with molly. Because molly and alcohol counteract each other’s effects a person has to take more of each and doesn’t realize how much they are taking. This can make feelings of withdrawal when the use of molly and alcohol is stopped, much more severe and hard to ignore. This can lead the user to seek out more molly and/or alcohol in order to achieve more highs and to get rid of the symptoms of the withdrawal.

Mixing alcohol with any other drug is highly dangerous because the effects of alcohol are so potent. Alcohol is related to many deaths due to drugs especially molly. The dangers of mixing molly and alcohol are not worth the high that many users feel when they combine the two. The best way to avoid the dangers of mixing molly and alcohol is to not drink while taking molly and vice versa, or even better just do neither.


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