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How does a marijuana clinic work?

June 5, 2013 by  
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While medical marijuana may be legal in some states for medical purposes it is still illegal under federal law which means that pharmacies cannot supply it and that doctors don’t actually prescribe it. What happens instead is doctors recommend marijuana to patients they feel could benefit from it. Not all doctors will recommend the medicinal […]

Top 3 Drugs Abused in College

February 25, 2013 by  
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Top 3 Drugs Abused in College The top 3 drugs abused in college are fairly obvious because they are also very common drugs abused by everyone who uses drugs. The top 3 drugs abused in college are alcohol, marijuana, and prescription narcotics. Drugs abused in college: Prescription drugs Prescription drugs are common drugs abused in […]

What is THC?

December 21, 2012 by  
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What is THC? THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active ingredient in marijuana. It is the chemical that produces the “high” felt by marijuana users. Synthetically prepared THC is available by prescription in the U.S. and Canada under the brand name Marinol. What is THC?  THC and your brain When THC is ingested or inhaled, it binds […]

Will Initiative 502 be the end of Marijuana “Prohibition”?

December 12, 2012 by  
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Will Initiative 502 be the end of Marijuana “Prohibition”? Supporters of marijuana legalization rejoiced as Washington State became one of the first states in history to effectively end marijuana prohibition. Recreational use of marijuana is now legal for residents, nearly a century after the first state-level bans were enacted. Since the ban, millions of Americans […]

Marijuana Oil

October 22, 2012 by  
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Marijuana Oil: Cure for cancer or the new snake oil? It seems like the nation is almost schizophrenic when it comes to legalization of medical marijuana. It is legalized in one state, and then the decision is overturned by the next elected official. Places like California embrace medical marijuana one day, and the next they […]

Marijuana Use in 2012

July 30, 2012 by  
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  Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. About 2 in 5 Americans report engaging in marijuana abuse. 10% of the population uses marijuana on a daily basis. Marijuana is made up of a mix of dried flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves derived from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The main […]