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Social Problems Associated with Alcoholism

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Social Problems Associated with Alcoholism

Social Problems Associated with Alcoholism

Alcoholism is associated with many harmful social problems for the drinker and anyone the drinker comes into contact with. Social problems associated with alcoholism can include things such as accidents, career related problems, family problems, and domestic problems. Unfortunately social problems associated with alcoholism don’t just affect the drinker but also for instance, passengers involved in driving accidents, family members affected by failure to fulfill their role, and so much more. The social problems associated with alcoholism are so far reaching that they actually affect even society as a whole by impacting productivity and calling upon the attention and resources of the health care industry as well as the criminal justice system and other social institutions.

Social problems associated with alcoholism in the workplace

Alcoholism at the workplace can lower productivity. Sickness and absences due to alcoholism comes with a cost not only to employees, and the company but also the alcoholic. People with alcoholism and problem drinkers have higher rates of sickness and absences at work than other employees. Alcoholism in the workplace also increases the risks of onsite accidents. And for the alcoholic, their alcoholism can cause them to lose their job, be drunk on the job or drink on the job. Alcoholism doesn’t only affect just the company because when the company is affected by an employee’s alcoholism than the economic and social impact becomes much larger. This affects entire countries costing them money and time when employees are less productive and therefore companies are too.

Social problems associated with alcoholism in the family

Alcoholism can severely impact the alcoholic’s ability to function within a family. Alcoholism is associated with many social problems for the alcoholic’s partners and their children if they have them. Mothers who drink can end up with a baby who has fetal alcohol syndrome and parental drinking is directly linked to child abuse. For the alcoholic, their alcoholism also competes with family time. This means that the want to go out and drink or time spent drinking takes precedence over family time. Sometimes alcoholism can lead to divorce or the breakup of entire families and can cause long-term issues for everyone involved.

Social problems associated with alcoholism within relationships

Friends are a part of everyone’s social environment. When alcoholism is involved in friendships what usually happens is the alcohol determines what kind of friends a person has. Many people dealing with alcoholism will lose the friends that care about them most and gain a new set of friends who may or may not drink or enable them. For women with alcoholism, especially younger women, they encounter special social problems because in many ways a woman who drinks is considered sexually available and opens herself up to a world of trouble that in a worst case scenario could lead to rape, a violent relationship etc. Also alcoholism tends to give people the ability to think high-risk activities and disruptive behavior are ok. Many social problems associated with alcoholism are legal ones such as public drunkenness, getting in fights, vandalism, driving drunk, and more.


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