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Recap of Drugs That Emerged in 2012

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Recap of Drugs That Emerged in 2012

Recap of Drugs That Emerged in 2012

In 2012 we saw the rise of a prescription drug use epidemic in teenage girls, babies born addicted to opiates and more students using Adderall than ever. We saw the use of synthetic drugs followed by stories of people turning cannibal. Drugs such as Morphine, Oxycontin, Bath Salts, Kratum, Spice and Adderall have all found their place in 2012 and emerged as some of the most dangerous and widely used drugs in our society today.

Bath Salts

Bath salts didn’t come about in 2012 but they definitely made themselves known. In Miami, a story broke that took the nation by storm when one man, naked, ate another man’s face and was thought to be on bath salts. It later was found out, supposedly, that the man was not on bath salts but the story had spread and the idea had emerged. Bath salts make you a cannibal or are the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. The sad thing is it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Bath salts are highly dangerous and what they are in their entirety still isn’t known which makes them even more dangerous.

The drugs that emerged in 2012 were not necessarily new but they definitely made themselves known. Illicit drug use in America has been increasing with the new availability of prescription drugs that can be abused and synthetic drugs that are sold as legal substances. The individuals whom these new and easily found drugs in 2012 have probably impacted most are the young people. And it is shown by new results from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Prescription drug abuse and synthetic drugs among high school students

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs are only behind marijuana for the most top drugs abused by 12th graders this past year. And what prescription drugs are they using? Well, pain relievers and amphetamines. 7.6% of 12th graders have used Adderall in the past year and right behind Adderall is Vicodin. 7.5% of 12th graders have used Vicodin this past year. Cold medicines follow Adderall and Vicodin with 5.6% and after that is a list of more pain relievers and amphetamines.

But what about synthetic drugs that have emerged in 2012? Well, bath salts gave themselves a name with the story based out of Miami of a man eating another man’s face. That hasn’t stopped high school kids from trying and while the percentage is still low, it shows that bath salts are making their claim among young people. Not much is known, still about bath salts but still 1.3% of 12th graders reported use of bath salts in 2012.

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Painkiller Babies

These drugs, synthetic and prescribed, have not only affected the younger generations in 2012 though. Mothers and their babies made headlines in the news more than once this past year due to the rise of maternal opiate use and newborns suffering from opiate withdrawal. And the numbers of babies born suffering from opiate withdrawal is still on the rise. According to NIDA, every hour, one baby is born suffering from opiate withdrawal. Per 1,000 births over five of those mothers have been using opiates. There has been a steady increase of this epidemic across the country in 2011 and 2012. Prescription drug-addicted babies is a real testatment to today’s addicted society.

These are the drugs that emerged in 2012 to remind us that drug use is something that has been and will always be going on behind the scenes and that we should be aware and knowledgeable even when they aren’t making headlines.

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