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Molly Moonrocks

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Molly Moonrocks

Molly Moonrocks

Molly Moonrocks

You have definitely heard of Ecstasy, you may have heard of Molly, but have you ever heard of molly moonrocks? Supposedly this drug which is molly just in a different form is the newest and best thing to be seen and used by “rollers” and “ravers” in a while.

Molly is the street name for pure MDMA. Molly is different than ecstasy pills or “E” because it comes in powder form or in capsules that are commonly more “clean” or pure than the “E” pills. The term Molly was derived from the word molecule.

The primary effects of molly are pretty consistent among all users. In general the molly takes on its effects within 45 minutes to an hour after consumption and hits a peak after 2 to 3 hours. After the peak molly hits a plateau that last about 2 to 3 more hours followed by a comedown. Molly causes significant positive effects in its users. Effects such as:


  • An alteration in consciousness
  • A strong sense of inner peace and self-acceptance
  • Diminished fear, anxiety, and insecurity
  • Diminished aggression, hostility, and jealousy
  • Feelings of intimacy and love for others
  • Feelings of empathy, compassion and forgiveness towards others
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Mild psychedelic, mental imagery and auditory and visual distortions or hallucinations
  • Improved self confidence
  • Increased drive, desire and motivation
  • The ability to talk about normally anxiety provoking issues
  • An intensification of all bodily senses
  • Stimulation, arousal and enhancement of appreciation of music

Now when it comes to molly moonrocks take everything that we just said and times it by about 100 supposedly. According to some users of molly moonrocks, it is much more potent than just plain old molly. Which makes us wonder why? According to some users of molly moonrocks, they say that the drug is actually molly before it’s broken down into powder form and “cut” or had something added to it. This would make molly moonrocks actually the most pure form of MDMA on the streets today.

Molly moonrock is also said to look exactly like what its name is, moonrocks. Molly moonrocks have a yellow or tan tint to them and look like chunks of rock candy honestly. Except molly moonrock doesn’t come in as cool of colors nor does it taste as good. Which brings us to molly moonrocks use. Molly moonrock is usually taken orally by dissolving a “moonrock” on your tongue. This will then introduce the many effects mentioned above except more just more intense supposedly.

The actual term moonrock has been around for a while actually as a slang name for drugs except it was never a name for molly. Moonrock for most people who use illegal substance is a slang name for a mixture of crack and heroin. In fact there is so little known about molly moonrocks that whatever it is might just be crack and heroin yet everyone thinks they are taking molly. Who knows? It is sure that we will hear about this up and coming new club drug soon.

For now that is all we know of molly moonrocks and it’s a lot less than what we actually know about real moonrocks.

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