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How does a marijuana clinic work?

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Marijuana Clinic

While medical marijuana may be legal in some states for medical purposes it is still illegal under federal law which means that pharmacies cannot supply it and that doctors don’t actually prescribe it. What happens instead is doctors recommend marijuana to patients they feel could benefit from it. Not all doctors will recommend the medicinal use of marijuana and doctors are only supposed to recommend it after determining that it can be medically helpful to the person who needs it.

The doctors that do recommend medical marijuana will then write a letter explaining the reasons behind why a patient needs medical marijuana. For instance, the doctor will write the letter explaining the patient’s diagnosis and the reason for their choice of marijuana as treatment. Most patients keep this letter with them at all times or close at hand. Some patients get a medical ID card which can work in place of the letter.

What are marijuana clinics?

Since marijuana can’t be given out at your local pharmacy like a Rite-Aid, Walgreens, or CVS and insurance won’t cover it; patients either grow their own marijuana or they go to a marijuana clinic. Marijuana clinics are legal depending on state and local laws. Marijuana clinics sometimes call themselves marijuana clubs or co-ops or they have names that give the impression of donating health, physical therapy, caregiving etc. Marijuana clinics often also call themselves collectives. Marijuana clinics claim that marijuana sold there is grown by the members who are all patients.

How does a marijuana clinic work?

Once an individual has attained the letter of recommendation from a doctor or has gotten an ID card, they simply just present it at the marijuana clinic. Much like someone over 21 would do to buy alcohol with their driver’s license. Some marijuana clinics require that the individual join the clinic as a member. After all of this, the patient can purchase different types of herbal marijuana and different marijuana based baked goods such as chocolate, smoothies, cakes, cookies and butter. There is no standard dosage for marijuana so patients regulate their own intake of medication.

The way many patients consume marijuana from marijuana clinics is by smoking it. Smoking marijuana isn’t good for the lungs though so the food is an alternative to smoking it. Food at a medical marijuana clinic contains marijuana oil. Another option is using what is known as a vaporizer to smoke marijuana. A vaporizer burns marijuana at a lower temperature than when it is smoked so it only releases the THC from the plant and has less harmful byproducts.

For those involved with marijuana clinics they can also find marijuana vending machines. These are the exact same vending machines that dispense candy and soda except they are dispensing marijuana. These machines are operated by marijuana clinics and require a fingerprint scan and for the patient to insert an ID card that was given by the marijuana clinic. Marijuana vending machines are watched over by security guards and are meant to offer patients of marijuana clinics convenient access to the medicine. Marijuana clinics that use vending machines say that they cut down on expenses and the savings carry over for the patient too.



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