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Depression, Anxiety and Mollies

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Depression, Anxiety and Mollies

What are mollies?

Mollies are “supposedly” the powdered or crystal for of MDMA. MDMA is also used to make Ecstasy. What they don’t tell you is that what you’re buying on the street can be anything from pure MDMA (highly doubt it) to a substance that is mixed/laced with cocaine, crack, meth, caffeine and any other substance a dealer can get his hands on. The point is you DO NOT KNOW what you’re taking when being sold Molly. You have been warned.

What is MDMA?

MDMA is considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance which means the DEA finds no accepted use for it in medical treatment and that it also has a high potential for abuse. MDMA can also cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, and craving for more MDMA. Molly or MDMA can cause muscle tension, teeth clenching, muscle cramps, nausea, faintness, chills, sweating and blurred vision.

Why do people take Mollies?

If molly is made with a substance that has no medical use and has a high potential for abuse why would anyone want to take it? Why would anyone want to put themselves through the anxiety and depression this drug can onset?

The truth is that mollies aren’t really the problem it is the depression and anxiety that was there long before the molly use was. Many people use substances to self-medicate and in this instance some people are using mollies to treat their depression and anxiety. This is unfortunate because mollies actually make depression and anxiety much worse.

Mollies, Anxiety and Depression

The reason many people turn to mollies to self-medicate their depression and anxiety is because for a little while it does work. The “feel good” effects of mollies ease away the people’s troubles for a little while; unfortunately what happens after the effects wear off is a worsening of the initial feelings not relief. Mollies produce good effects such as euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others and diminished anxiety. Mollie users have also reported  increased self-confidence, elevated moods, extroversion, sensitivity, and emotional excitement. In fact there are even some studies with mollies or MDMA that suggest it has a therapeutic benefit for facilitating therapy sessions. All of these things for someone who is already depressed and anxious sound great. So it isn’t really mollies that are the problem it is the want and need for the depressed and anxious feelings to go away that causes many drug users to turn to molly and its euphoric or happy effects.

Someone who is self-medicating with mollies is just compounding their problems not solving them. Mollie users aren’t just compounding their problems by trying to run away from them though they are making their problems worse physically and mentally. The “come down” from molly is rough and includes severe depression, anxiety, and sadness. Now the anxiety and depression are not just due to mental health issues but are actually being caused due to the mollies wearing off. What really needs to happen is the anxiety and depression that was apparent before the use of mollies needs to be treated and then the mollies would not be as attractive to use. For someone who is not depressed or anxious, mollies are merely another drug to hit today’s culture for someone suffering from anxiety and depression, mollies are a way to escape. And with the worsening of the depression and anxiety after the good effects of the mollies are gone it only perpetuates mollie use. So it isn’t actually the mollies that are the problem it is the need for real mental health treatment to deal with depression and anxiety.


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